Windows 11 22H2 “Moment 2” Now Available

The latest Windows 11 release is now available bringing the OpenAI ChatGPT and other features into the Windows experience. The new release brings the Bing Chat, powered by the OpenAI GPT foundations, directly into the Start Menu and search box. This release also adds Phone Link support for iOS devices, expanded Phone Link capabilities for Android devices, Windows Studio Effects support in the taskbar (requires newer hardware), a revamped Microsoft Teams experience, the new Quick Assist app, support for 3rd party widgets, an updated touch experience, the ability to record video in the screen snipping tool, tab support in the Notepad app, the new Windows 365 app to access apps and desktops in the cloud, AI tools to recommend files in the Start Menu, and new accessibility features. Information and details on these new features can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • Microsoft is working to change the role of the operating system offering deeper integration in apps, chat, and photos on Android and now iOS devices while also reducing the need to go to websites with the Bing Chat. All of these are designed to make Windows more important to how people work and what they expect.
  • The Windows 365 app is also an important update as it brings cloud-based apps and desktops more directly into the Windows experience. This both enables more Bring Your Own Device scenarios, expands options for work at home needs, and changes what a desktop update might look like. 
  • An increasing number of apps and even the OS are pushing more modern hardware with AI needs. Windows Studio Effects is an example of this where advanced audio and video options are available but require newer hardware capable of these tasks. Organizations may need to consider the hardware they are planning to take advantage of some of these AI enhancements.