Power BI Copilot Announced

Power BI is joining the Microsoft Fabric offering and gaining its own Copilot experience. By building on Microsoft Fabric, reporting will change significantly with the single copy experience of OneLake and the direct, real-time reporting. Power BI will even support Git repositories to help centralize report elements. Copilot then extends these capabilities with natural language statements. An individual could start from a blank report and specify the data they want and a description of what they want to show. Copilot will then build the report. A follow-up statement could refine a chart or even change a single element into a written summary of the data insights. Finally, reports can be updated with the look and feel using natural language and specifying a report that should be the template. More information on Copilot for Power BI can be found here. 

Why This Matters

· Power BI Copilot represents a significant shift in analytics and reporting and will have a significant impact on organizations using Power BI. People that have operated in “report builder” roles may see a large reduction in usage as an increasing number of individuals will be able to build their own reports. This is especially true as OneLake and Microsoft Fabric are used more.

· With the real-time data updates and monitoring in Microsoft Fabric, Power BI reports connected will see real-time adjustments to the data as well.