OpenAI Comes to Bing and Edge

Bing and Edge are both gaining new OpenAI capabilities to expand how search experiences happen. The new experience will combine the OpenAI GPT 3 models with the Microsoft Prometheus models allowing more natural questions and responses. The search results will provide a chat box on the side to help refine any results and expand on the search. This same type of experience will be coming into the Edge browser in the sidebar with options to have Edge help compose messages or search without going to Bing first. The new experiences are now in preview and anyone interested can register to try the new experience. Details on this announcement can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • The GPT model allows individuals to enter a question and get a direct answer with all of the details. This could radically change how people use search engines, disrupt the control Google has on the search market, and change how organizations do search engine optimization. 
  • Google responses quickly with their Bard engine, but early testing shows the GPT engine is far ahead of Bard.
  • While this initial search experience is just in Bing and Edge, Microsoft could quickly roll similar capabilities out across other search experiences in tools like Windows or Office.