New Features and Capabilities of Microsoft 365 Announced

New features and capabilities have been announced for the Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft Teams will be getting the new Games for Work app bringing small, social games into Teams, scheduled send for messages to control delivery, and a new sign language view in Teams Meetings. Microsoft Whiteboard is getting a new Follow feature to help in discussions and collaborative experiences. To help support IT departments, the Adoption Score feature is being expanded with more insights and features. More information on these new features and capabilities can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • Microsoft continues to improve the collaboration experience while exploring ways to drive team connectivity. Games for Work is focused on new ways to help employees connect and build relationships while the Sign Language View can better support those with hear impairments be connected in meetings.
  • The Scheduled Send feature comes from years of research and insights into work experiences and helps address issues where a manager replies to messages when they have time, but results in triggering others to change their work hours and habits.