Microsoft Viva Powers Copilot Transformation

Microsoft Viva is taking significant strides to become an indispensable tool for organizations adopting and transforming with Copilot. This comprehensive platform is expanding with new features designed to enhance the usage, training, and deployment of Microsoft Copilot. Here’s a look at the latest updates and what they mean for businesses:

Introducing the Copilot Dashboard

Microsoft has launched the Copilot Dashboard, now integrated into Viva Insights. This tool provides detailed metrics and insights into how Copilot is utilized across the organization. It allows for comparisons between employees with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license and those without. Initially, the Copilot Dashboard is available exclusively to customers with Viva Insights, but later this year, it will be accessible without requiring a Viva Insights license.

Microsoft Copilot Academy: Learning Made Easy

To support users in maximizing their Copilot experience, Microsoft is introducing the Copilot Academy within Viva Learning. This academy will be available to all Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers at no additional cost. The goal is to address the initial learning curve associated with prompt engineering, ensuring users can effectively utilize Copilot’s capabilities. As users become more proficient, organizations can expect an increased return on investment and greater overall value from the tool.

Streamlining Deployment with Copilot Deployment Kit

Included with Viva Amplify, the Copilot Deployment Kit is designed to help organizations create and execute a comprehensive communication and change management plan. This kit automates the process, ensuring that the right employees receive the necessary information and support. By leveraging the tools provided by Viva Amplify, businesses can develop professional-grade communication and onboarding plans similar to those offered by consulting firms.

For more details on these new Viva capabilities, visit the Microsoft 365 Blog.

Why This Matters

Enhanced ROI Understanding and Analysis

  • The high cost of a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license has prompted many organizations to seek a deeper understanding of its ROI. The Copilot Dashboard automates much of this analysis, providing insights into usage patterns and enabling A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of Copilot among licensed and unlicensed users.

Improved User Proficiency and Utilization

  • New users often struggle with Copilot due to a lack of prompt engineering skills, leading to underutilization. Microsoft’s Copilot Academy aims to bridge this gap, enhancing user proficiency and thereby increasing the overall ROI and effectiveness of the tool.

Automated Change Management and Onboarding

  • Many organizations lack the expertise to develop effective communication and adoption programs in-house. Viva Amplify’s new features automate these processes, offering tools and resources comparable to those provided by professional consulting firms. This ensures a smoother transition and better integration of Copilot into daily workflows.

By integrating these new features into Microsoft Viva, organizations can more effectively harness the power of AI through Copilot, driving transformation and achieving greater efficiency and productivity. If you’re curious how this might benefit you or your company, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to set up a time to talk through this.