Microsoft Priva Expands with New Capabilities to Enhance Privacy Management

Microsoft has recently announced several exciting updates to Microsoft Priva, its comprehensive privacy and compliance platform. These new features are designed to help organizations manage personal data more effectively and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Introducing New Tools and Features


Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments

This new feature aims to automate the discovery, evaluation, and documentation of personal data usage within an organization. By streamlining these processes, organizations can maintain better oversight of their data privacy practices.

Privacy Risk Management

Microsoft Priva now includes tools to identify and manage privacy risks. This module is crucial for detecting potential issues early and taking proactive steps to mitigate them.

Tracker Scanning

This feature automates the discovery and tracking of tracking technologies used within an organization. It helps ensure that all tracking activities are documented and compliant with privacy policies.

Consent Management

Managing user consent for data usage is simplified with this new module. It helps organizations streamline their consent management processes, ensuring that user permissions are properly documented and respected.

Subject Rights Requests

Fulfilling data subject requests is a critical aspect of privacy compliance. This module automates the process of handling these requests, making it easier for organizations to respond to inquiries about personal data usage.

For more detailed information on these new capabilities, visit the official Microsoft announcement here.

Why These Updates Matter


Streamlining Privacy and Compliance

Microsoft Priva serves as a centralized platform for managing privacy and compliance tasks. These new modules build on Microsoft’s extensive experience in data privacy and controls, providing organizations with powerful tools to navigate complex privacy requirements.

Integration with Existing Investments

The new capabilities are designed to work seamlessly with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. This strategic approach aims to streamline privacy processes and connect data management efforts with privacy needs.

Enhanced Deployment with Microsoft Purview

For the most successful implementation of Microsoft Priva, organizations should also consider deploying Microsoft Purview, particularly the Data Map. These comprehensive projects require collaboration between data experts and business leaders to align privacy needs with data management strategies. For information on how best to integrate Priva with your business, feel free to reach out!

In summary, the new features in Microsoft Priva represent significant advancements in privacy management. By automating and streamlining critical tasks, these updates help organizations enhance their privacy practices and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.