Copilot Announced for Microsoft Viva

The Microsoft Viva suite is now gaining the Copilot capabilities as well as another new member of the suite. Microsoft’s acquisition of Glint is now merging into Viva and will be called Microsoft Viva Glint. Viva Glint is designed to summarize and analyze employee comments and feedback experiences while using natural language. Microsoft announced plans to also integrate Viva Glint with Viva Insights to help look at employee engagement. The focus for this initial set of Copilot announcements in Viva is focused on the Viva Goals, Viva Engage, Viva Learning, and Viva Topics modules. Copilot will likely come to other parts of Viva in the future. Copilot in Viva Goals will recommend draft OKRs, simplify goal management, or even build OKRs based on content in something like a Word document. Copilot in Viva Engage will help generate posts and recommend ways to personalize messages. Copilot in Viva Learning will curate and suggest training while offering knowledge summaries. Finally, Copilot in Viva Topics will use conversational language to learn more about projects and topics. Details on these new Copilot capabilities in Microsoft Viva can be found here. 

Why This Matters

· Microsoft is driving Large Language Models (LLMs) into all products and this expansion to Viva is aimed at the employee experience. The Employee Experience is one of Microsoft’s newest big bets and an area of heavy emphasis.

· Most of the initial Copilot capabilities are aimed at summarizing content, but more Copilot features will be coming soon.

· The addition of Viva Glint to the family now makes the Viva family one of the larger suites of products Microsoft offers. Today the push is towards the single Viva Suite license which covers the Viva modules of Glint, Learning, Topics, Engage, Connections, Amplify, Insights, Goals, etc.