Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Now in Preview

Spring Boot, Azure, and VMware’s Tanzu portfolio have come together in the Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise offering. While Azure Spring Cloud has been available for a few years, that platform did not support the advanced Tanzu solutions from VMware or offer the advanced levels of VMware support. These now come together in the Enterprise release. The Tanzu capabilities offer more advanced deployment options, better polyglot app support, the cloud gateway to connect apps securely, as well as long-term support. Further, the Enterprise version offers deeper Azure platform integration across services and capabilities. More information on the Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise release can be found here and find a quick video here

Why This Matters:

  • Microsoft’s strategy is to help developers and organizations come to Azure using their preferred languages, tools, and capabilities. Spring is a major piece of modern Java applications and used heavily in enterprise organizations.
  • The Enterprise release is intended to help customers with major VMware investments to use those investments in Azure with full support.
  • Spring Cloud can be a more complex platform on-premises to manage. The Azure Spring Cloud is a fully managed service which can help reduce costs and misconfigurations that occur on-premises.