Microsoft Project Flash

Microsoft is enhancing virtual machine reporting and monitoring tools to provide faster and deeper insights into machine health. This new project, known as Project Flash, is now available in preview. Flash will initially focus on providing faster insights into virtual machine disruptions and root cause analysis information. As these insights become available, they will integrate into the Azure Monitor experience offering greater visibility and insights into virtual machine health. Flash will also allow at-scale programmatic analysis using the Azure Resource Graph and Kusto queries.

Details on Project Flash can be found here: Advancing Azure VM Monitoring 

Why This Matters

  • Prior to Flash, organizations might experience a delay of up to 15 minutes from an unplanned Azure event occurring to receiving notification of the action. Flash will reduce this to minutes or even seconds which is important for the more complex and business-critical apps.
  • By building on the Azure Resource Graph, organizations can create complex queries across hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of virtual machines in seconds.
  • Flash is part of a major effort to enhance Azure reliability and to strengthen the platform. This is about building customer trust and making sure the most complex apps run well on Azure.