OpenAI Capabilities Come to Viva Sales

Microsoft’s Viva Sales experience is getting updated with GPT capabilities to change the seller experience. Viva Sales is designed to bring more of the sales experience into tools like Outlook helping track customers, actions, notes, and details with many actions only needing a single click. Viva Sales supports the Dynamics 365 tools as well as Salesforce. With the new GPT integration via the Azure OpenAI Service, Viva Sales will now generate email content automatically including any special pricing, promotions, and timelines. Viva Sales will compose the email letting the seller quickly review and make any final tweaks before it is sent out. The GPT tools leverage the Microsoft Graph, Microsoft 365, and sales data to recommend actions, gather the appropriate details, and generate the content. More information on this new capability in Viva Sales can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • This is the first tool in the Viva suite to gain the new OpenAI GPT capabilities, but other Viva tools will be getting these kind of capabilities soon.
  • The Viva platform is about changing employee experience. This Viva Sales feature is designed to help reduce the time sellers spend responding to email requests and better help them with their time and customer needs.
  • All of the actions happen directly in Outlook, regardless of the use of Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, and reduce the time spent jumping between apps and windows to get information.