Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services Updates Announced

Several new services and capabilities have been announced for Microsoft’s Cloud for Financial Services. Microsoft’s Industry Clouds program brings the capabilities of Microsoft’s three clouds (Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365) together with industry specific apps and services. The Financial Cloud platform has been updated with new compliance tools including risk and control mapping and proactive risk assurance. Intelligent Appointments has also been added giving customers new tools and ways to connect with financial experts. Other updates include an onboarding application, unified client profile with wealth management, property and casualty insurance, small business data modeling, and more. Details on these announcements and expansions of the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services can be found here. 

Why This Matters:

  • The industry cloud program is a major focus for Microsoft and how solutions will be brought to market. While Microsoft has historically provided the building blocks, the industry cloud capabilities are Microsoft now shifting towards building apps and services that are more industry ready.
  • This update is specific for the Financial Services cloud and is adding several new apps and pre-built components to help with common tasks like wealth management, insurance, profile management, etc.