Azure VMware Solution Enhancements Announced

Several new features and capabilities are coming to Azure VMware Solution. The new capabilities include stretched clusters offering greater uptime, integration with Azure NetApp Files, customer managed keys, new node sizes, and greater integration with Azure native services. More information on these new Azure VMware Solution capabilities can be found here.

Why This Matters

  • Azure VMware Solution allows customers to move their workloads from on-premises to Azure with minimal changes while continuing to manage those through a consistent experience. This reduces the initial migration impacts.
  • With integration into more Azure services, it helps customers begin to modernize those workloads and/or better connect the migrated workloads into other services – especially around monitoring and security.
  • It is important to note that this is a more expensive migration option for virtual machines and is ideal for customers that have limited ability to do training and transformations. In addition, there are limitations on the Azure regions where this service can be used.